We may Conduct Nuclear Test Anytime: North Korea

Seoul North Korea has threatened to do nuclear tests at any time and anywhere. There has been tension in the Korean peninsula for the past few months. Dictator Kim Jong has given the threat of nuclear war. America has sent a fleet of warships to the area. We are ready ...

According to the news agency KCNA, the North Korea Foreign Ministry spokesperson said, "We are fully prepared to respond to any attack."
- "We are capable in doing nuclear test anywhere and at any time, it is decided to take the Supreme Leadership of the country."
- North Korea has also said before that if the military action was taken then the answer would be given by nuclear attack.

Why the Tension is Rising?

- The cause of tension in the US and Korean Peninsula is North Korea's nuclear program. Dictator Kim Jong does not accept those civil laws.
- He has threatened nuclear attacks on America four times in a week.
In 2017, he successfully performed three missiles. Since 2006, he has done 5 nuclear tests so far. Last year, he conducted 2 nuclear tests including hydrogen bomb.
- In March 2017, the missiles fell into the sea region of Japan. This also raised stress.

Is the Korean peninsula started to rust?

- Fresh incidents tell us that the tension between the US and North Korea has reached the peak.
- After the latest threat of North Korea's nuclear attack, Donald Trump has deployed the largest nuclear class submarine, warship fleet Carl Vinson and anti-ballistic missile system Thad on North. A. This is America's largest military siege on Korea.
Meanwhile, North Korea announced the intention of doing the biggest military exercise on the 85th Army Day on April 25.
- On the next day, South Korea, US and Japan's forces on the North Korea border, the biggest joint exercise of the decade.
Training to prevent chemical attack given to children in South Korea
- South Korea has also started preparations for war. Here in the War Memorial the school children are being taught the ways of avoiding the chemical and biological attack.
- South Korea's population of two and a half million is near the North Korean border. Alert has been issued here.

- The formation of a new government in South Korea is due  on May 9. But here, in an election survey, for 45% of the people, the country's economy is an important issue.