US can Take Help from India to Deal with the Nuclear Weapons of Pak: Trump

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump, the US president has indicated that he would seek the help of India and other countries to deal with the "problem" of the nuclear-armed 'semi-volatile' country, Pakistan.

How to deal with countries like Pakistan

Trump responded to a question during Town Hall in Indianapolis. He was asked how he would deal with countries like Pakistan, who often play 'double game' with America.


There is a problem with Pakistan

The person who asked the question said, "We have given them (Pakistan) money and they played double games with us. Trump said, yes, but there is a problem with Pakistan, they have nuclear weapons, which is a real problem.

He said, the biggest problem in front of us is nuclear weapons. These weapons are of rich nations. And this is not the only country. At present, nine countries are endowed with nuclear weapons. Trump said, but Pakistan is semi-volatile. We do not want to see full stability. To say comparatively, it is not that much. We have a very good relationship. I think I will try and keep it.

India will Help US Counter Pak

Trump said, this is very contrary to my nature, but a country is always a country. You know that we give them money and help them, but if we do not do that, then I think they will go to the other side of the road and it can really be a problem. Although Trump did not tell what he would have trouble Trump said during this time, when you look at India and some other countries, it seems that perhaps they will help us. We are looking in this direction. There are several countries which we give money and we do not get anything from them in return. It's going to stop soon.