Trump Shares Confidential Information with Russia

Washington: The US daily newspaper 'The Washington Post' has alleged that President Donald Trump shared with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov last week during a meeting in White House, he shared very intriguing information with them. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the National Security Advisor immediately dismissed the news report saying that there was no such discussion with Russia that threatened them.

"The information was in the code". The newspaper said that the information given in the code or word of the word is a term used by the 'The Washington Post', quoting an unknown US official who has information about the matter. The newspaper said that "the information we have shared with our colleagues", "Trump" gave more information to Russian Ambassador. "Because of this, the US officials have been trying to control the damage." He said that it was not allowed to share this information, Russia has sensitive information, a US ally was the US and the allies. Although Trump administration has denied these allegations.

Tillerson said, "In the President Trump's meeting with Foreign Minister Lavrov, a number of topics including terrorism and common attempts and threats were discussed." He said, "During this dialogue, the nature of special threats was discussed. But, he said, to discuss the methods or military operations. '' HR McMaster national security adviser who attended the meeting said that the US National Husband and Russian Foreign Minister reviewed the common threats arising from terrorist organizations. "There was no discussion on any intelligence or method during this time and no information was given about any such military campaign which is not known publicly."

Deputy National Security Adviser (Strategy) Dina Powell said, '' This story is false. The President discussed the shared dangers in front of both countries. "Macmaster said," The President and the Foreign Minister discussed the threats of civil aviation, including the threats faced by both the countries. "Democratic Party leader Nancy In a statement, Pelosi said in a statement that if the news reports are correct, then Trump has compromised against ISIS with "an important source of information gathering" and American People's safety is endangered.