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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Russian Government Takes Potshot on the Youths on YouTube

The Russian administration has probably found a new weapon to protests against its opponents. This is the pop music on youtube.
In the Russian-controlled media environment, YouTube has become a major platform for opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who used it to publicize corruption allegations on government officials.

In Russia, young people use YouTube extensively, who played a major role in the massive protests against government corruption in March.
Many people think that the recent political trending pop music videos have come to YouTube, it is the work of Russian administration.

This week, a video of Singer Elisa Wox came in which she became a school teacher and is going to teach a teenager with a poster to go to a rally, which says, 'nothing less than the four mistakes of spelling.'

He shows that young man dreams of a better life and promises 'freedom, money and girls-even power' as a reward.
There is also a video rapper Pitacha, wherein young protesters have been called 'Amirzada who climb on the lamp post'. This is in reference to the viral picture, when protesters climbed a street lamp in March.

Alexei Navalny thinks that this video is part of the larger PR campaign against the Russian administration. A columnist has called the sudden political trend of Singer Wox 'Kremlin's Vocal Political Instruction'.


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