Stupendous Success of "We Can! We Can!" Makes it Bilingual

Soon the intellectual readers of Hindi will get the copy of "We Can! We Can!"in their language. The stupendous success of the book paved the way for its national language edition. If the sources close to the author of the book are to be believed, there were suggestions pouring on from almost all the quarters to launch the book in the household language of most parts of India and that might have been the prominent reason to make the copy of the book available in second language as well.
The response of the book was phenomenal right from the launch of the book. Thousands of copies of the book were sold out almost in the wink of an eye and that astonished not only those associated with distribution of the book, but even its author. And that was the reason, printing of the second lot of the book started on war footing.

There are a number of attributes associated with the book that make it a must buy. Apart from the ethics, work culture, its way of expression is not bookish. The readers of the book feel as if someone is talking to them, explaining all the nuances of life in the most lucid language. One of the avid readers of the book and prominent management guru opined, “You cannot afford to take your eyes off once you open its first page, just to have a cursory glance over the book and start reading. Almost all the chapters of management, nay every facets of life are covered.”

When the author of the book Commander VK Jaitly was contacted, he said, “I feel honored, privileged and blessed to get such an outstanding feedback. I think it is now my duty to live up to the highest expectations of our prospective readers of Hindi edition of the book.” I have written most part of the book and I think you will see the copy in just few weeks.” 

                                      ---Ashish Jha