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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Russia Faces the Heat of India's Nuclear Diplomacy

Before India's meeting next month of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin, India has stressed on Russia's strong diplomacy on nuclear diplomacy that it is not possible to adopt a way of resentment, with friends when pressure on enemies is not done. This attitude of India has created resilience within Russia that is growing closer to China and it is possible that it shows some activism in favor of India. 

Russia hoped that India will negotiate with Russia on MoU on developing a nuclear reactor in Kudankulam before the meeting of Putin and Modi, but India has said that if it has been in the two-and-a-half years, the nuclear supply group NSG is not a member if it does not have any other way than developing the reactor. Russia is very restless for this deal, because of its commercial advantage. Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogagin has met Modi in this regard, but nothing seems to have done. India has had great hopes from nuclear power and the government claims that by 2024 it will produce nuclear power up to 15000 MW, which will be three times the production of the last decade. One reason for India's pressure on Russia is to go to China's China One-Belt One Road (OBOR) plan.

 Meanwhile, Russia has also established a strategically close alliance to Pakistan. These two steps are against the interests of India. In spite of this, old friends like Russia, who is also a member of the BRICS, could be useful for India if it could put pressure on China in the field of nuclear energy to join India in the NSG. India can also keep such a condition from the US and France, but, perhaps, they are not as old friends as Russia, hence India can not expect as much as it is expecting from Russia. 

Today's international relations have begun with professionalism and are going towards strategic and India holds immense business possibilities for Russia, that is passing through huge economic crisis. Now only time will tell as to how much pressure has this effect on Russia and how much Russia  compels China to adopt a practical way in favor of India.

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