Rs. 50 Crore to Assassinate Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on the target of terrorists. Kaushal Soni, a resident of Satna district, Madhya Pradesh, has been called from an unknown number from abroad, in which a proposal worth Rs 50 crore was offered for bombing PM Modi during a rally in Mumbai on May 25. Kushal Sony gave the written complaint of this case to the police station. On this, the police has started the investigation after registering the case. At present, the police is engaged in the investigation of the cyber cell case.

Earlier, Madhya Pradesh Intelligence had alerted the UP police that the terrorists are planning to  attack Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Satna Superintendent of Police Mithilesh Shukla said that the police has registered a case on the complaint. Cyber ​​Cell is investigating it. He told that at around 4:50 pm on Saturdays, a call came to Kushal Soni, resident of Ramnagar in Satna.

The caller said that the PM Modi has to fly in a rally in Mumbai on May 25. He also told that two fences are ready to carry out the incident. The caller told the skilled man to join you in carrying out the incident. You will be given the amount requested for it. Although he did not reveal his name.

According to the magazine, Kushal Soni first thought that someone is joking, but after watching the mobile number, his senses got swollen. They complained to Ramnagar police station and handed over the conversation to the audio police. Ramnagar police station in-charge KL Mishra said that this phone came from abroad. The person who calls the person is looking like a tone. It is important in this regard that recently Bhopal STF has arrested two Pakistani spy named Balarama and Rajiv,  from Satna.

                                                                           ----Ashish Jha

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