RJD's Ideology Can't by JDU's Ideologies: Nitish

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that he is not a prime ministerial candidate, I am serving Bihar. PM Modi had the capability, so he is the Prime Minister.

Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that he is not a candidate for PM post in 2019, we are serving Bihar. He said, “we are not such a big fool, we know that our party, JDU is a small party and will continue to serve the people of Bihar.”

He said, "Who knows three years ago that Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister of the country. But that happened. Because PM Modi got the support of the people and people gave him power by voting him.

Addressing the media under the Public Dialogue program on Monday, Nitish said, "I know, I do not have the same capabilities. I am the leader of a small party and I do not have national ambitions. "

Nitish said, "Sharad Yadav was the President of the party. After this the party workers decided to give me the responsibility. But the media saw it adding to my national ambition. ' He said, "As party president, I am trying to expand the JDU in other states. This does not mean that I am dreaming of the post of Prime Minister.

On the charge of recent corruption on Lalu, he said, "The BJP has accused the Laloo Yadav's family of corruption. Laloo has also given the answer. If anyone has any facts, then he should go to court. "

Regarding the different opinios n on EVM, Nitish said, gone are the days of Ballot; EVM is ok. Nitish also cleared that he is running the government with Lalu Yadav's party RJD. This does not mean that the ideology of RJD is also the ideology of his party.

In the presidential election, Nitish said that we would like that Pranab Mukherjee should again become the President of the country and the decision should be taken only by the consensus on the election of this post. This is the tradition, if consent is not made, it is a duty to give the opposition its candidate. Nitish said that he will take part in Lalu's rally on August 27.

On the issue of dowry system, prevalent in Bihar, he said that the people should refrain from paying a visit to the dowry collectors. Only then the dowry system will be stopped. He further said that the government will run a campaign against dowry practice. He said that the young generation will be against the practice of dowry, which is a very good thing. But the legal aspect must be seen. CM said that people's awareness of dowry and child marriages can only be prevented.