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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rajeev Gandhi had Death Premonition for Seven Years?

On May 21, 1991,  at eight o'clock in the evening: Congress veteran Maragith Chandrasekhar was waiting for Rajiv Gandhi's arrival at Meenabakkam airport in Madras. Shortly before when Rajiv Gandhi was getting ready for Madras from Visakhapatnam, the pilot Capt Chandok found that the communication system of the aircraft was not working. Rajeev left for Madras to leave for the Guest House But then, the Flight Engineer of King's Airfalls, corrected the communication system.

The crew of the aircraft immediately contacted Rajiv with the police wireless and went back to the airport to go to Rajeev Madras. His personal security officer OP Sagar, running in the second vehicle, stayed there with his weapon. The aircraft flew for six months at Madras.
Rajiv himself running plane. The ship landed in Madras at just eight minutes and twenty minutes. He sat in a bullet proof car and left for Sriperumbudur with Margotam, Ramamurthy and Moopanar.

Ear-piercing blast

26 years ago former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was killed in a suicide attack.
Ten minutes and ten minutes, Rajiv Gandhi reached Sriperumbudur. Ramamurthi first reached the stage. After meeting the male supporters, Rajiv turned towards the women. Only then, a thirty-year-old black, black-and-white girl got a necklace of Chandan and rose to Rajiv Gandhi. As soon as he touched his feet, he wore a deaf ear piercing.
At that time, a song was being sung in honor of Rajeev ... Rajiv's life is our life ... If that life is not dedicated to Indira Gandhi's son ... then where is that life?
The crew of the Gulf News was barely ten yards away from it and at this time the local editor of Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore, Nina Gopal, was talking to Rajiv Gandhi's associate Suman Dubey.
Nina recalls, "I did not even talk to Suman for two minutes that the bombs exploded in front of my eyes, I usually did not wear white clothes, that day I used to wear a white sari in a hurry. He looked towards his sari who had become completely black and had pieces of flesh and blood sprinkled on it. This was a miracle that I was saved. All those standing before me were killed in that blast.

Nina says, "Before the bomb blast, there was a voice like a cracker like a pat-pate." Then there was a big laugh and a bomb with a loud bang exploded. When I went ahead I saw people's clothes in the fire The people were screaming and the stampede was going on all around. We did not know whether Rajiv Gandhi is alive or not. "
When the smoke started, the search for Rajiv Gandhi started. One part of his body was lying down. His skull had exploded and his fury had erupted on the feet of his security officer PK Gupta who was counting his last watches.
'This Looks Like Rajeev'
Later, GK Moopanar wrote in one place, "As soon as the people started exploding, there were corpses buried in front of me." Rajeev's security officer Pradeep Gupta was still alive, he looked at me, some bubbles and breath in front of me As if he wanted to give Rajeev Gandhi to someone, I wanted to raise his head, but only in my hands came the bloodthirsty and blood. The demonstration covered. "
Jayanti Natarajan Awak stood on a distance from Moopanar. Later, he also told in an interview, "All the police ran away from the spot." I was looking at the dead bodies, with the hope that I could not see Rajiv. First, I looked at Pradeep Gupta ... his knee There was a head lying in front of the ground near the ground ... Oh my God, out of my mouth ... this looks like Rajiv. "
On the other side, Nina Gopal went ahead, where Rajeev was standing a few minutes ago.

Nina says, "I went as far as I could go, when I saw the body of Rajiv Gandhi, I saw his lotto shoe and saw the hand on which the clock of Gucci was tied.At a while ago, Rajeev was sitting on the front seat and the clock tied in his wrist was repeatedly coming in front of my eyes, where Rajiv was dead, while a part of the red carpet was set on fire Was. "
"Inspector Raghavan, who was present there, overwhelmed the burning carpet by jumping over him, in which Rajiv Gandhi's driver came to me and told me to sit in the car and get away from here immediately. When I said that I would stay here, he said that there was a lot of confusion here. We went out and went behind the ambulance to the hospital where Rajiv's dead body was being taken. "

She received such information
Ten minutes and twenty five minutes in Rajiv's residence in Delhi, Janapath was silent shadow. Vincent George, private secretary of Rajiv, had left for his Chanakyapuri residence.
As soon as he entered the house, he heard the phone bell. On the other end one of his acquaintances told that a very tragic event has been associated with Rajiv in Madras.
George the was Back to 10 Janpath . By then, Sonia and Priyanka had also gone to their bedroom. Then they also got the phone asking them that everything is fine. Sonia summoned George to Intercom. George was talking to P. Chidambaram's wife Nalini at Chennai at that time.

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