Pak's Complicity came to the fore; Indian High Commission Summons Bashit

In case of vandalism with two Indian soldiers killed in the attack by Pakistani soldiers on the Line of Control, India has submitted evidence to Pakistan. India has said in a raging tone that the Pakistan government should take action against the soldiers and commanders responsible for this scandal. Foreign Secretary Dr. S. Jaishankar handed over evidence of ceasefire violation and vandalism by Pakistan on the border by summoning Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit in New Delhi on Wednesday. However, Basit refused to accept any complicity of the Pakistani army in this attack. Pakistan is currently silent on the issue of  its Foreign Secretary being summoned by the Indian High Commission. 

According to External Affairs Ministry spokesman Gopal Bagale, the Foreign Secretary called the Pakistani high commissioner and made it clear that it considers the action of inciting India to mutilate the dead body of the soldiers. We have strong evidence that this is the handiwork of the Pakistani army. Foreign Secretary told Basit that on May one, crossing the LoC, Pakistani soldiers carried out this brutal, barbarous and inhuman incident, which is highly reprehensible, dastardly and not acceptable to any civilized society.

The Pakistani high commissioner has been given evidence that Pakistani army fired heavily, under which Pakistani soldiers crossed the LOC in Krishna Valley and came to this side. Two Indian soldiers were killed in a barbarian style. They shot the head, then cut his head. The blood samples and trail of Indian soldiers is evident from the fact that Pakistani soldiers entered and then returned after the incident of the brutal incident. The note handed down by Dr. S. Jaishankar to Bashesh has been said, It is a matter of fact that the assault was carried out in the under-fire section of the Pakistani shootout in the Batala sector. From blood samples of Indian soldiers collected from Rosa Nala, it is clear from the fact that the killers returned and crossed the Line of Control. On May 1, Pakistan's Border Action Team (BAT) killed 250 soldiers in 250 meters inside Poonch area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir and killed two soldiers.

Bagale said that the Foreign Secretary demanded from Basit that Pakistan should take immediate action against the responsible soldiers and commanders of this abominable act. Pakistani troops attacked rockets and mortars on advance posts in violation of the ceasefire in the Krishna Valley sector, which took place at 8.40 in the morning on Monday, and during this time, the Pakistani border army team (Pakistani Army and the other left) Militant team of terrorists attacked and attacked the squad of patrolling Indian soldiers. In it, the army constable Paramjit Singh and the head constable of Border Security Force (BSF) Prem Sagar fell dead and the young Rajendra Singh got injured. The bodies of both the martyred soldiers were found in cough-edged condition. The heads of both were cut off.