North Korea Testfires Ballistic Missile Amid International Pressure and Warning

Ignoring international pressure and American warning, North Korea once again tested the ballistic missile on Sunday, which lasted approximately 700 kilometers. South Korea's Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) gave this information.

This is the first provocative step of North Korea after Moon J. in becoming South Korea's new President on Wednesday. An American security official told CNN that the US has speculated that the missile has fallen into the sea 60 miles off the Vladivostok area of ​​southern Russia. Vladivostok is the base of the Russian Pacific fleet.

The United States has called upon North Korea to respond to the international community. White House press secretary Sean Spiceer said in her statement, "This provocative step of North Korea should be called upon by all countries to impose strict sanctions on it."

"North Korea tested an unidentified missile from a nearby area of ​​Kosong city in northern Pyongan province around 5.27 a.m. today," the news agency Yonhap said, quoting JCS.