Nalanda to Become Smart City in Bihar

Bihar Sharif: The Bihar government is constantly working to develop the cities of Bihar as a smart city. Bihar has no special success in PM Modi's dream project Smart City. Bihar has not achieved much in the cleanliness survey in recent times, but yes there is a city that has awakened so much.

In Bihar's most clean cities, Bihar Nitish Kumar's home district Nalanda has got the headquarters of Bihar Sharif, which has overturned the capital city of Patna. If this continues, then the home town of Bihar Chief Minister, Biharsharif will also get the status of smart city. In order to make the town smart, the Bihar Sharif Municipal Corporation has prepared a proposal of 1400 crore 41 lakhs, which has been said to develop from slum area to other areas too. With such a huge amount, there is a plan to change the city's rejuvenation and shout. In this, Bihar Shahrif municipal corporation has sent 17 types of proposals to the central government. The main point here is that the Heritage and Cultural Tourism has been included in the Nalanda district keeping the tourists' stronghold. It is worth mentioning that the competition for 46 cities of Smart City is in progress now.

According to municipal commissioner Kaushal Kumar, work is being done to get Bihar Shahriarf smart city status. Opinion was taken from people to make smart city dreams of Biharsharif, the proposal has been prepared and sent to the final time in March on the final touch. Now just waiting for us the result. It is understood that this was taken from general public till March 15. The Bihar Shahrif municipal corporation has been working successfully to lift the door to door garbage very long, but there is the biggest problem of traffic from sewerage, drainage drainage, proper management of wastewater to safety. However, municipal corporation is planning on the PP mode for garbage recycling.