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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Moon Jay in is the New President of South Korea

After a massive victory in the presidential election in South Korea, Moon Jay-in took oath as the country's president on Wednesday. According to the news agency Yonhap's report, after the voting on Tuesday for the presidential election in the country, the results were announced on Wednesday. After winning the election, Moon also indicated signs of going to neighboring and enemy country North Korea.

The National Election Commission (NEC) confirmed Moon's victory in the elections, after which Moon took the oath of office of the country. His tenure will be five years and it starts around 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning. According to the NEC, there were a total of 3,28,07,908 votes in the presidential election, of which 1,34,23,800 were 41.08 percent of the Democratic Party's liberal candidate Moon.

A new certificate was given to him regarding a confirmation of Moon's election as the new President. Moon said, 'I will become the President of all. I will also serve those who did not support me. ' The need to have a pre-election election in the country due to the removal of former president Park Gyan-O from the post of corruption charges.

Desire to go to North Korea

Just after taking oath, South Korea's new President, Moon J., he expressed his desire to go to Pyongyang, in a tense relationship with North Korea equipped with nuclear weapons. After taking oath in Seoul's National Assembly building, Moon told MPs, "If I need it, I'll be leaving for Washington immediately. I will go to Peiiching and Tokyo and in the appropriate circumstances, even Pyongyang. ' Although diplomatic way of communicating with North Korea will prove to be difficult for Moon.


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