Modi Demands Criminal Case against Lalu

Patna: Senior BJP leader and former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi has demanded a criminal case against Lalu Prasad after the disclosure of the interaction with former MP Shahabuddin, who is serving time in Tihar Jail. He said that Lalu Prasad is on the Bail and there are some conditions of Bell and he has violated those conditions. Modi urged the governor to intervene in this episode and said that he should send the report to the Center. The former Deputy Chief Minister said that it has now been certified that the Bihar government is operating on the instructions of criminals. Lalu is dependent on Shahabuddin and Nitish Kumar on Lalu.

Good governance sheet:
BJP's former state president Mangal Pandey said that the state government is running with the help of criminals. The Bihar government is working in the pressure of Lalu Prasad. State Vice President Devesh Kumar, Maha Radha Mohan Sharma, Minister Rituraj Sinha and state spokesman Prem Ranjan Patel and Rajeev Ranjan were present at the press conference.

CM should Sack Abdullah Gafur and Shiv Chandra Ram

Shri Modi said in the matter of renting housing, that the Bihar's Minister Abdul Ghafoor and Shivchandra Ram and JD (U) MLA Narendra Singh are earning millions of rupees by converting their government bungalow into a marriage house. Such ministers should be sacked by filing an FIR and the money should be recovered from their salaries. Former state president Mangal Pandey was also present on this occasion.

Modi said that during the Ramanwami last year, the conversation of jailed former MP Shahabuddin and Lalu Prasad Yadav had become public. In fact, Bihar government is on the instructions of criminals. It is legally wrong to talk to criminals who are in jail.
 Criminal Case against Lalu
The State Government should register a criminal case immediately after taking cognizance of this. He said that the Governor should intervene in this matter and instruct the DGP to register a complaint. Shri Modi said that he will also talk to the Union Home Minister in this matter and urge him to intervene. The governor should also send the report to the center on the entire matter. On May 17, this issue will also be included in BJP's statewide blockade.
Modi alleged that 60 percent of the state's landlords report to Lalu Prasad. He said that how the accused and convicted of more than 50 cases in jail were in constant touch with Lalu Prasad and he was directed to the government officials on his say. It is the result of the culprit, politician and the government's nexus that crime situation in the state is getting worse day by day. It has also been proved from the tape that Shahabuddin  that he was running parallel government from jail and had threatened BDO, SDO.

He said that on one side liquor was being banned in the state. On the other hand, Shahabuddin was threatening to release people caught with alcohol. SP through state criminal Lalu Prasad DM and other government officials are pushing, threatening and Nitish Kumar is compromising the criminals to remain the chief minister.

The former Deputy Chief Minister said that state minister Abdul Ghafoor, along with RJD MLAs, went to meet Shahabuddin, but the Chief Minister could not muster the courage to inquire about the sacking of the minister.
 Lalu has Become the Patron of Criminals

Modi said that the offender, who was suspended or sacked by the RJD from this Ruling, has been kept as a respected member of the RJD's highest policy-making national executive. Lalu Prasad has filed a lawsuit against the criminals for defending the criminals. Lalu Prasad is convicted of scandal and is on Bail. In such a situation, the state government should go to the Supreme Court for cancellation of Lalu Prasad's bail. After going to Shahabuddin's Tihar jail, Finance Minister Abdul Bari Siddiqui had visited Shahbuddin's parents.

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