Large Cyber Attack Worldwide; UK Hospitals the Hardest Hit

It was reported on Friday evening that hackers hacked the computers of dozens of hospitals in Britain through the ramnmaware. According to the latest report, now 99 countries are in the grip of this cyber attack. Under this, about 75 thousand computers have been targeted. The name of this ranger, which is targeting the UK's National Health Service, is named WanaCrypt0r 2.0.

Randomware is a method of malware that encrypts data by remotely locking the computer. Hackers ask for money to decrypt it and unlock the computer. Cyber ​​Security Experts believe that hackers have adopted methods which were developed by the National Security Agency, which has been leaked recently. This malicious malware is being sent to target computer via email. Not only this, hackers are also making computer targets through compressed and encrypted files.

Due to this cyber attack, American multinational courier delivery service FedEx computers have also been damaged. According to the company, it is facing the same cyber attack, as is happening in hospitals in Britain. The impact of this attack is more visible in Russia. According to some reports, Russia's Home Ministry has acknowledged that cyber attacks have also happened there. 

At the same time, Spain's biggest telecommunications company Telephony Telecom and telecom giant Telepho are also in the cyber attack, whose computers have also been hacked through Ranjmware. Britain and Spain in those countries who have first officially considered this cyber attack. According to the news agency Reuters, many companies other than Telefonica are in the grip of dangerous software.

Windows XP is being Targeted

It is important to know that this cyber attack is happening in Windows computers and especially those of which have XP. According to the news, most of the British hospitals in the hospitals are being hacked, mostly on Windows XP. Microsoft has already stopped supporting this operating system, so using it is not less than a challenge.

Cyber ​​Security Experts and Ethical Hackers believe that this is a start, because this time hackers have made weapons to the NSA's leaked tool, which NSA made for hacking. Recently, WikiLeaks leaked this hacking tool and taking advantage of these hackers are doing this.

It is worth mentioning that a group called NSA's hacking tool Shadow Brokers claimed to leak. He leaked this hacking tool of NSA and told the people to himself. Although Microsoft gave a patched update to fix this problem in March, hackers still seem to be able to crack it.

What did Edward Snowden say?
Whistle Blower and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden said after the cyber attack that all this happened due to the National Security Agency. He said that for this, he had already begun. Snowden said that if the NSA knew about this weakness of Windows XP, then why not the agency told Microsoft about it? If NSA does this, then perhaps there is not much big cyber attack today. Apart from this, he has also said that in spite of many warnings, the NSA created such a dangerous tool, due to which this is happening.

Most offices in India have Windows XP usage, whether ATMs or Private / Government Offices. In India, Windows XP is used quite a lot. Therefore, the government should remove this old operating system and bring it fresh, because as it is increasingly running the cyber attack, it seems that soon it will spread to Asian countries too. Especially in India where websites are littered in cyber security.

Do this yourself safe from this cyber attack

In March, Microsoft updated a security patches for Windows users. If you have not installed it then it's time to install it. You can install it on the aid and advice of your hardware engineer, by clicking on the relevant link.