Lalu Talks about Grand-Alliance at National Level amid IT Raids

Patna: On Friday, just three days after the raids of income tax, RJD chief Lalu Prasad on Friday attacked the BJP. He told reporters that BJP and its people will be demolished by the rally organized on 27th August at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. BJP's dream and agenda is 2024, but our agenda is 2019.

The Bihar model of the Maha coalition will save the country. They will also remove them from the throne. Lalu predicted that BJP will not be able to fulfill its first term. He said that the central government has failed in all the cases, so the rival is being raided here But, we are not afraid of this kind of gimmick of BJP.

Lalu Prasad said on his family's allegations of corruption and rising questions on the coalition, in an unconscious manner, this is the goal of how to break the coalition. Tease Lalu Prasad and go to Nitish Kumar and tell him. It means that people get broken. Corrupt is BJPs There were so many scams. Money in the election shed like water. Where did this money come from? He said, my family has not done any scam. Whatever the case, it is with the Income Tax Department and the Election Commission.

Everything is discolored (declared). The same person is speaking out to the fate every day. Some media has made the motive of insulting me and my family. He said that the Guitar House in Delhi is not mine, it is of Premchand Gupta’s. The Friends Club is making a break in the old house. If the mall was built in Patna, then we would get the rent and thousands would get jobs. After all, who will sell Lungi and Ganji? When asked if the poor's son Lalu Prasad has now become a Mallavla and businessman Lalu Prasad, his answer was that we still sell milk. What is the matter of the mall? The land belongs to our company, while the builder is preparing it. There is also a part of it.

He said that whenever the BJP came to power, the flag of Pakistan is hoisted in Kashmir. Atal ji's government reached Kargil and the Pakistani army entered the Indian border and cut off the heads of the soldiers. The people sitting in the center are timid and cowardly. These can not be protected from the country. Where is 56 inches’ Chest?

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