International Court of Justice to Pronounce Verdict Tomorrow

New Delhi: In the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav, the International Court of Justice will pronounce its verdict tomorrow. Three days ago the International Court heard the arguments of India and Pakistan. According to official sources, the International Court will announce its decision on Thursday at around 3:30 pm Indian time. According to the statement, Court President Ronnie Abraham will read the decision.

Jadhav may Get Hanged before ICJ Completes Hearing

India had kept its plea and demanded that Jadhav's death sentence should be immediately suspended. India feared that Pakistan could hang Jadhav before completion of the trial in the ICJ.
When the ICJ began the hearing, India responded positively to its arguments. 46 Days ago, Naval officer Jadhav was arrested on March 3 last year. A Pakistani court sentenced him to death for allegations of espionage and subversive activities.

Jadhav got Sued without Evidence

India kept the Jadhav case on May 8 in the International Court. India has alleged that Pakistan is violating the Vienna Agreement and Jadhav is suing for being convicted without evidence.
Pakistan said in the ICJ that provisions related to counselor contact in the Vienna Agreement are not for any detective involved in terrorist activities. Both neighboring countries were face-to-face in ICJ 18 years ago when Islamabad sought the intervention of the International Court for the killing of one of its naval aircraft.

Legal aid not provided to protect Jadhav
Salve termed Jadhav's arrest, filing a chargesheet against him and all the proceedings related to the trial of the case in an uninterrupted manner, as a violation of the United Nations Charter and the Vienna Treaty, and said that in the context of the fabricated allegations, Support is not provided.
Salve told the court that on March 16, 2016, Jadhav was abducted in Iran and then brought to Pakistan as an alleged Indian spy and confessed to a magistrate before a military inspector. He was not allowed to contact anyone and the hearing was also one-sided.

Salve said, "I urge the ICJ to ensure that Jadhav should not be hanged, Pakistan has told this court that (the act of not hanging) action has been taken and no action has been taken that Jadhav In case, adversely affects India's rights. "

Vienna treaty does not apply to spies and terrorists

Khawar Qureshi, appearing on behalf of Pakistan, rejecting India's attempt to bring the matter to ICJ, said that the provisions of the Vienna Treaty are not applicable in cases of detectives, terrorists and people involved in espionage.

Qureshi also said that India did not respond to Pakistan's contact in January this year, in which he was sought for assistance in investigating the matter related to Jadhav.

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