India Test fires the Missile Spider Capable of Hitting the Surface from the Air

India tested the missile spider capable of hitting the surface from the air under a series of quick response missile tests on Thursday. Official sources here said that this test was done to confirm the various parameters of state-of-the-art weapon system to further strengthen the air defense system.

According to the strategic analysts, Spider is an air-to-air missile designed to attack the enemy in the air in a short time. This is a missile system taken from Israel. In its low altitudes, it is capable of 15 kilometers. Although it is smaller than the capable sky missile capable of hitting the surface from the surface of India. The fire power of the sky is 25 kilometers.

Sources said that the Spider was tested through mobile launcher from the launch of the Integrated Test Range of Chandpur from Complex Three and it targeted the driverless aircraft.

Modi to go to Israel in July

The official sources have confirmed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Israel in July. This is the first Israeli visit of any Indian Prime Minister, PM Modi's visit is likely to have a large defense agreement. On this tour there may be a deal to purchase anti-tank missiles and naval air defense systems. Significantly, India is Israel's largest arms importer.

According to reports, the deal for the Indian Army's Spike Anti Tanks Missiles and Navy can be completed in the next two months. This deal will be approximately 1.5 billion dollars, after which there will be about 8000 missiles in India's fleet.

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