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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

India Retaliates again Against Pakistan

The Indian Army has taken huge action against the Pakistani army. Indian Army has operated this operation on 20-21 May in Naushera sector. The army has taken this action against continuous infiltration. On Tuesday, the Indian Army organized a press conference on the continuous attacks in Jammu and Kashmir.
The Indian Army has released a video of this action. The army has released a video of thirty seconds, in which Pakistan is being given a strong response from India.

What did Major Ashok Nurula Say

Maj Gen Ashok Narula of the army said that the army of Pakistan helps the terrorists to cross the border. He said that the army in Jammu and Kashmir always seeks peace. Major Narula said that Pakistani troops send terrorists to our country, they constantly target Indian villages and villagers. When Pakistan's army invades us, then only we take action against them.
Army Took Right Step
Colonel VN Thapar said that these actions should have been done long enough, as Pakistan is always been hostile to our army and our country. The Indian Army did an aggressive approach and did exactly what was most needed and appropriate. Colonel Thapar said that till Pakistan does not understand this thing till then, India should do the same. India will have to take proactive Action. Colonel Thapar said that the Indian Army is equipped and capable of answering every action of Pakistan. This action is a small message from India.

There was a Surgical Strike before 

It is important to mention here that in response to the Uri attack on September 18 last year, on September 28-29, the brave soldiers of the Indian Army had a surgical strike injecting them into Pakistan. The army had entered the land of Pakistan and demolished many terrorist bases.
In this surgical strike, 19 Para Commandos had an important contribution, the documents issued included details of all the activities of surgical strikes. In this 19 Para Commandos, this mission was executed by a Colonel of 4th and 9th Battalion of Para Regiment, two Captains, five Major, a Subedar, two Nb Subedar, three Halwadar, one Lancenayak and four Paratupers.


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