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Saturday, May 6, 2017

In Bihar ‘Rat’ is Sarabi No. 1

Patna: In Bihar, the policeman may have been accusing mice for the decrease in number of liquor bottles, but in the last two days in the state, the arrest of three policemen, including one in-charge of the police, was arrested for alcohol drinking. However, Bihar Police Headquarters has ordered an inquiry into the whole case.

SSP Conducts Meeting with all the Police Stations

According to police sources, Patna's SSP Manu Maharaj had held a meeting on Tuesday with all the police officials in connection with the preparations for the local city body elections. During this time they got information about the liquor recovered by the police stations and they were surprised.

Wine rats

It was told by several police officials that the seized liquor was wasted in the absence of maintenance in the store house and argued that 'rat' broke the bottles and squeezed the wine. After this, Maharaj talked about the 'Breath Enlisting' test of all the level policemen posted in the police stations.
Here, Bihar Director General of Police PK Thakur said that the matter is being investigated. He said that updated information of the liquor seized from all the districts has been sought and instructions have been issued to eradicate the seized liquor immediately and make the report available to the headquarters.

Police officers arrested for drinking alcohol

Meanwhile, the claims of policemen on the rise of rats came out to the fore when three policemen including a police officer in charge, Police Mens Association president, arrested in the last two days, were arrested for drinking alcohol.

Rameshwar Singh, in-charge of Kazi Mohammedpur police station in Muzaffarpur district, was arrested on Thursday night for his alleged involvement in liquor when he was drinking alcohol while sitting inside the police station in uniform.

When it was reported to the senior officers of the district, they took cognizance of the matter and immediately took action and arrested Singh for drinking liquor. He was suspended after the arrest.

8 lakh liters of liquor seized within one year

Earlier on Wednesday night, two policemen, including Bihar Police Men's Association president Nirmal Singh, were arrested in Patna on the charge of drinking alcohol. Senior officials of the police suspect that even though the police kept the liquor kept in the possession of the police station in the police station, they were not caught.

According to Bihar liquor prohibition and product department data, within a year of complete prohibition in Bihar, 5,14,639 liters of foreign (English), 3,10,292 liters of country liquor and 11,371 beers were seized.

On April 5, 2016, Bihar went for full prohibition

In spite of one year of prohibition, liquor smuggling is taking place in the state. Alcohol smugglers have been smuggling stealthy liquor in the state by adopting new methods every day. Alcohol recovered daily in some area of ​​the state. Let you know that full prohibition of alcohol in Bihar was implemented on April 5, 2016 and the revised new law was implemented on October 2, 2016.


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