How to Prepare for the NDA Exam?

Geeting into NDA happens to be the dream of every young student. The fanfare of an army, navy or air force officer is simply amazing. Those students who want to pursue a career in NDA or have the goal of becoming NDA Officers at an early age, here are some simple tips for them.

Tips to Know about the NDA Examination Pattern

1. Resolve the papers of the last few years 

Students who are preparing for NDA exams must know that the NDA exam pattern has not changed for a few years. Therefore, you have to solve the question papers of the last few years. If you solve the questions of the past year, you will be able to make the best of the NDA exam very easily.

2. Practice the Mathematics Paper

Though, every section that is asked in the NDA exam is very important. But we need some time to solve mathematical questions because there is no provision to cry about it. Therefore, in order to get good marks in the mathematical section, it is compulsory to practice as much as possible on the subject of Math.
Along with this, try to solve the questions of mathematics in minimum possible time. Mind, every second of your counts when it comes to NDA examination.

3. Learn Time Management as well as Space Management

In NDA exam, analytical questions are asked in great numbers. Therefore, time management is something you will have to get mastery. If you have good reasons to believe that a particular question, though you know its answer well, but is sure to take longer time of your, leave the question and proceed. Mind, you do not have much time at your disposal. At the same time you have to solve your whole question paper. So, time management is very important.

Learn the Art of Metal Calculation

Keep time management as well as space management, because in the exam you are given a lot of space to do 'rough work'. Therefore, learn the Art of Mental Calculation too.

Read a Prominent  Daily Newspaper

In the NDA Examination you are also asked questions related to common knowledge and Current Affairs. So, cultivate the habit of, if you have not already, reading a prominent daily newspaper. Reading newspaper will enlighten you about the news related to current affairs, national and international news.

Mental and physical strength

In NDA exams, physical strength is required along with mental strength, whereas in other exams only the candidate is selected keeping in mind the mental strength. So, you will have to work on augmenting your physical and mental strength.

Some important questions related to the NDA exams along with their answers 

Question: What is the full name of NDA?
Answer: The full name of the NDA is the National Defense Academy.

Question: What is NDA's examination pattern?
Answer: NDA Entrance Exam comes with 900 Marks’ Objective Type Questions . This question paper contains two related topics--- First, Mathematics and the second the General Ability Test.

Question: How many hours is the paper of mathematics and general qualification test in NDA entrance exam?

Answer: Paper for Math and General Merit Test is two and a half hours in NDA entrance examination.

Question: Which class is required to pass the student to apply to NDA Entrance Examination?
Answer: In order to apply in NDA Entrance Examination, it is mandatory for the student to pass 12th standard.

Question: Is it mandatory for the candidate to be an Indian citizen for NDA recruitment?
Answer: Yes, it is mandatory for the candidate to be an Indian citizen for the NDA recruitment.

Question: How much should the candidate's age be for NDA recruitment?
Answer: The candidate's age should be between 16.5 to 19 years for NDA recruitment.

Question - What is the minimum height of candidate for NDA recruitment?
Answer: The minimum height of the candidate for NDA recruitment should be 157.5 c.m. But, the minimum height of the candidate for the recruitment in Air Force is 162.5 c.m.

Question: How many numbers are the Mathematics and general qualification test paper in NDA entrance exam?

Answer: In NDA entrance examination, Paper of Mathematics is of 300 and General Aptitude Test paper is of 600 marks.
                                                                     ----Ranjana Jha