How Osama Bin Laden was Killed?

The member of the American Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden has shared some important information related to the entire operation in one of his books. Robert O'Neill was a member of Team 6 of the US Navy SEAL, who in May 2011 entered Pakistan's Abbottabad and operated against Osama. Robert claimed that Osama was killed in his hands. The bullet that killed Osama, was run by Robert. Now Robert has given the details of that moment when he ended Osama's life. Also, he has shared the information related to the action taken by America at Osama's house in Abbottabad.

An exclusive part of Robert's upcoming book 'The Operators' has been published by the Daily Mirror newspaper. In it, Robert has described how the last moments of Osama's life were . In a part of this book, published in the paper, Robert wrote, 'I turned to the right and looked in the room with the eyes peeking. Near the door of the room, I saw Osama bin Laden. He was much taller and thinner than my hope. His beard was even smaller than my hope and his hair was white. There was a woman in front of him. Osama's hand was on the shoulder of that woman. '

I Shot 3 Bullets on his Head
Robert further writes, 'In less than a second I made a target of that woman's right shoulder and triggered the trigger of my gun twice. Osama's head was shot and his head broke up, after which he fell down on the floor. Then I got another shot in his head to be confident. '

Due to the dark, the SEAL team could not get into Osama's compound
Robert also mentioned the last tense moments during the operation when the SEAL team was going to enter Osama's house. They have told that the helicopters that  had arrived in the SEAL, one of them had to crash suddenly on the ground due to compulsion.

 Robert also writes that in the darkness of the night, the SEAL team did not enter the premises of Osama's house. He writes, 'As soon as we got into that compound, then it was going to happen in the morning. I thought that hey, we have reached here in Osama bin Laden's house. It was a very good experience. I thought that I would be killed in this operation, but it was a matter of great bravery and it was a question of our prestige. '

Robert went to trance for a few minutes after Osama was shot

Robert wrote that after firing Osama bin Laden for some time, he went to the point blank and went to zero like his mind. Then a member of his team came in to the room and told Robert that he had killed Al-Qaeda's terror master Osama bin Laden.
                                           ---Ashish Jha