Govt. will Bring Law if the Practice of Triple Talaq does not Stop: Venkaiyya Naidu

Amravati: Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu has said that if the practice of triple divorce in the Muslim community does not stop, then the government can also make a law to ban it. Naidu said in Amravati on Saturday - It Depends on that Society (Muslim), and it would be better that they themselves make changes (Triple Talaq) on it. If this does not happen, then it will come at a time when the government will have to bring a law to ban a triple divorce.

Naidu was speaking at a meeting in Amravati, Maharashtra. He said, "This is not an interference in someone's personal matter. But, we have to think that this matter is also linked to justice for women. "
- "All women should have equal rights. All are equal in law. And, the real issue is also this. "
Even for Hindu Community,  Law was Enacted

- The Information and Broadcasting Minister also mentioned the laws made to stop the wrong traditions of Hindus on this occasion. He said, in the matter of talking on the Hindu girls' marriage, the Parliament has enacted a law and banned it. This is what happened in the case of Sati. Where, women used to kill themselves even after the husband's death. Hindus raised their voices and the law was made to stop it. "

- "The third case is of dowry practice. Strict laws were made to stop the practice of dowry and Hindus accepted it. In fact, when the Hindu community felt that these things were not good for the society, they considered it and even stopped it. There are some more improvements in this direction. "

After all, humans are human

- Venkaiah further said, "Humans are human. They should not be seen in the bracket of Hindu, Muslim or Christian divisions. And, women should not have any kind of discrimination. I am happy when the world hears the voice of India. This happened in the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav. The world heard our voice. "
                                                                      ---Ashish Jha

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