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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

German Chancellor Gives Hints of the New Beginning in Indo-German Relationship

Germany's Chancellor Angela merkel near Berlin joins from private dinners at his official guest houses are Prime Minister Narendra Modi for casual conversation, said "very good conversation" between the two. Germany brandenburg of 18th century palace situated in the ' mijebarg ' in the garden of the shallows in the sunshine with both leaders tahle khili. Meeting mijebarg ' visitor ' shallows book with signing of Modi.

Merkel giving way to acknowledge the Asian countries and Donald tramp are targeting the Administration, think they have a new relationship with India Germany will take place. He met with Indian and Chinese leaders this week. In Munich on Sunday while addressing an election rally he hints that they emphasize to consolidate ties with Asian countries. He clearly States in the electoral rally on target. Merkel Paris took the approach of climate agreement Donald tramp barsin enough. He said, "to some extent the era is over, when we can count on each other. The last few days I have felt the same. '

After meeting the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter, "Chancellor merkel has been very good with conversation. "The meeting is a highly informal affair. Germany's two-day tour of Modi formal program will begin from tomorrow. A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both leaders in the plush Palace Garden in photos taken during the conversation by adding a meaningful participation, "bondage. Chancellor merkel has private dinners in Prime Minister Narendra Modi shallows before mijebarg was received. "Meanwhile, were included in the delegation with Senior Minister Modi also interact with their German counterparts. Nirmala sitharaman, these Ministers, Commerce Minister Energy Minister Piyush Goyal and Minister of State for external affairs MJ Akbar.

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