Emanuel Macron is the New President of France

39-year-old Emanuel Macron was elected the country's youngest president in the presidential election in France. In the second phase of elections on Sunday, McClone defeated Marin Le Pen, his opponent and the deep right-wing trends. In the election, Mcron got close to 65.5 to 66.1 percent of the votes, while Marine Lee Pen got close to 33.9 percent to 34.5 percent of the votes. Macron described his victory as the beginning of a new hope for France and a chapter filled with faith.

Who is Emanuel Macron?

The McLean, elected president from a banker, was an unknown face of France's politics until three years ago. He was finance minister in the Government of Franco-Oland, and in August 2016, McClone launched his new political campaign 'In Marsh'. Four months after the resignation of the government announced to contest the presidential election. When he presented his claim for the presidency, he was joking and told to the newbie. Their identity is as a moderate leader and openly European Union supporters.

Macron was born on December 21, 1977 in the French Empire. Emanuel, a student of Philosophy, became an investment banker after graduating in 2004. He was a member of the Socialist Party between 2006 and 2009. For the first time in 2012, when Fran├žois Oland became the government, then Mcron was elected the Deputy Secretary General. In 2014, Mcron took charge of the finance minister In August 2016, resigning from the government and presenting its claim for the presidential post.

Congratulations Pouring from the World

On the historic victory in the presidential election, McRion's counterpart Marine Lee Penn also congratulated them and said that Mcron has great challenges in front of him and that he would be successful in dealing with them. American President Donald Trump said in his tweet that on the big win as the next President of France, Mcron, he is quite eager to work with him.
On behalf of Britain's Prime Minister Terryza May, a Downing Street spokesman said that the Prime Minister congratulates the elected President Macron on his election victory. He said that France is our closest ally and we are very keen to work with the new President.

Significantly, after victory in the Presidential election, Macron has emerged as the most powerful leader of Europe. With this victory, now France will be the most important agenda of the political and economic reforms of France and France in front of the Mcron. The result of the election result will be on the whole world. In particular, Brussels and Berlin have been relieved of the election results, with the defeat of Marine Le Pen, their anti-European and anti-globalization campaigns have been defeated.

                                                          -----Ashish Jha