Donald Trump Removes the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI) Director James Komi

USA President Donald Trump has removed the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI) director James Komi from the post.
The White House has confirmed it.
In a statement released from the White House, "Today President Donald J. Trump told FBI Director James Komi that he has been removed from the post."

The White House has said that James Komi has been removed from the post on the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
James Komi was leading the investigation of the alleged relationship with Russia in the election of Trump in the US presidential election.
President Trump has written a letter to James Komi saying that he is not leading the FBI effectively.
The decision of Trump comes at a time when it has also come to the fore that last week James Komi had misinterpreted the US Congress about Hillary Clinton's email.

Why is FBI chief nervous?
Hillary attributed the 'hacking' made by Russia to the defeat;

Whom did Hillary make responsible for the defeat?
Before the presidential election in November last year, after the election of Democrat Hillary Clinton as the Foreign Minister, James Komi started the investigation again after giving information about finding new emails in the case of sending email to private servers.

Hillary Clinton has accused James Komi for her defeat in the presidential election.The case of Hillary Clinton's email was a shadow in the US Presidential election and Donald Trump continued to accuse him.
Hillary had said that just before the election, FBI Director James Komi said an inquiry into his email which caused a tremendous blow to his election campaign.

Hillary Clinton was accused of sending her official mail as a US foreign minister through her private server. However, the FBI later said that no new evidence of Hillary Clinton's e-mails was found in any of the criminal cases.