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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Did you Meet God in Space?

After returning from space, the first Indian who went to space, Rakesh Sharma, often asked in India whether they met God in their space.
His answer was, "No, I did not find God there." Rakesh Sharma went to space trip in 1984.

Their space travel has been more than three decades. And now their fans are wiping out the difference between truth and fantasy.
He explains, "Now many women comes with their children and pointing out to me tell them, “see children! He is the one who has been to moon, had spent some time with Chanda Mama.”

Rakesh Sharma was surrounded by fans for one year after returning from space. In the celebrations, he used to draw photos with people. Used to deliver speech.

Elderly women used to give thanks. The fans were tearing up his clothes, used to scream to take autographs. The leaders used to take them to procession in their area to collect votes.

He recalled the old days, "It was an entirely different feeling." I had been tired of the craziness of the fans and I had to laugh at all times. "
Rakesh Sharma was associated with Indian Air Force at the age of 21 and used to fly supersonic jet fighter aircraft there.
In the 1971 war with Pakistan, he flew 21 times. At that time he was not even 23 years old.

At the age of 25 he was the best pilot of the Air Force. He did 35 times in space. And they were 128th person who did this in space.

                                                                                  ----Ajay Kashyap

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