Global Cyber Attack: Indian Computers are Safe

India's Cyber ​​Security Unit CERT-In said on Monday that it has not received any formal reports of ransomware-Wanakrai cyber attacks spreading rapidly across the world on important computer networks of India. Meanwhile, Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the global cyber attack has not had any serious impact on India. He said that the National Informatics Center (NIC) of the government is working well.

Vanakrai badly affects the computer and locks the way to access the files on it. Cyber ​​criminals have demanded $ 300 bitsquine (crypto currency) for opening (unlocking) it. However, it is not clear now that access to the demand money is restored or not.

India is on high alert, computer networks are being monitored in areas such as banking, telecommunications, electricity and aviation to ensure that the computer remains escaped by this attack. Vanakrai has hunted more than 150 countries in the last weekend.

DG of Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) Sanjay Behl said, "So far, everything is looking normal. CERT-in has not received any reports. We are in touch with Microsoft and others. He has not even got any reports. He said that the Government Portal- Cyber ​​Hygiene Center being updated on regular basis from Saturday on information about cyber security.
Vanakrai has influenced computer networks in more than 150 countries, including Russia and the UK, and is being described as one of the most widely circulated cyber attacks in history. According to the report, more than two lakh computer systems have been affected by this software globally. Those providing security solutions have started to develop tools to overcome this crisis.

In the global security report, India is being counted among the most affected countries, while public and private agencies are working day and night to prepare a security cover (Firewall) to protect their computers with any possible attack.