China does not Show Leniency for the US Spies

The New York Times said in a report that China had either killed or arrested 18-20 Detectives of USA between 2010 and 2012.
According to the report, the US spy program in China was badly affected.
US officials have told the newspaper that this was "the biggest mess in America with the American security over the past decade".

Some believe that China hacked the system of CIA secret messages, while others believe that an insider informed China about spies in 2010.
The New York Times has published this report by talking to four former CIA officials.

The CIA spy in the US intelligence service in China started disappearing from 2011. A US spy was shot in the verandah of the government building in front of his colleague.

The CIA has not yet commented on this report.

New York Times journalist Matt Apuzzo told the BBC, "The most worrying thing is that we do not yet know what happened to these agents?"
He further said, "There is a different opinion in the US government that there was no detective inside the CIA or the CIA agents had fallen loose."

They also say that the identity of those who give information is not confidential, or China has succeeded in hacking the communications of CIA agents.

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