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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chandraswamy Passes Away

New Delhi: The spiritual Guru Chandraswami passed away on Tuesday at the age of 66. According to the reports, he had been on dialysis for several days. Chandraswami, born in 1948, was a controversial tantric in the country and former PM PV was considered close to Narasimha Rao.

Prediction about Britain's former PM Margaret Thatcher

- Former Foreign Minister Natwar Singh has mentioned in his book "Walking with Lions - Tales from a Diplomatic Past" in the meeting of former British PM Margaret Thatcher and Chandraswami.

Singh wrote in his book, "When I was the deputy high commissioner of India in London in 1975, when Chandraswami came there and expressed the desire to meet Margaret Thatcher, then leader of the Conservative Party, during the meeting, Thatcher made many questions from Chandraswami. Some questions were about her becoming PM. Chandraswami had predicted that Thatcher would become Prime Minister for 9, 11 or 13 years. " Thatcher was the British PM for 11 years.”

Preity Zinta also Met with Chandraswami

- Chandraswami and Preity Zinta were also in the headlines. A picture of both of them was also in the limelight. The mistress of Kings XI Punjab, Preity, had met him in the Ashram of Chandraswami in the Qutub Institutional Area of ​​Delhi.

The names of these people are also connected

- PV Narasimha Rao, Natwar Singh, Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor, Sultan of Brunei, Sheikh Isha bin Salman al Khalifa of Bahrain, Arms dealer Adnan Khashogi, Dawood Ibrahim.

Accused of Financing Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination

Chandraswami's name is also associated with Rajiv Gandhi's murder. IncomeTax raided Chandraswami's ashram, claiming that Arms dealer Adnan Khashogi received $ 11 million worth of payment papers. Jain Commission claimed in his report that Chandraswami was involved in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. The Information Department is investigating Chandraswami's financier for the Rajiv Assassination case. Due to these allegations, the Supreme Court had barred Chandraswami from going abroad, but the ban was later removed. In addition, a London businessman had accused $ 1 million of $ 64 million in fraud.


- Chandraswami's father Behror was from Rajasthan, who later came to Hyderabad. Chandraswami was very young at that time. Chandraswami had started cultivating the system since his early age. After this he became the disciple of Amar Muni and Tantric Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj. Chandraswami also practised  in the forests of Bihar. He was a Jain by  religion, but the goddess used to believe in Kali.
                                                                         ---Ashish Jha

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