Challenges Emanating from China

China is organizing tit Belt and Road Initiative Conference in Beijing on May 14-15. It is also known as forest belt one road. Tits is an ambitious project of Chinese President Xi Chunfing which aims to establish China as international power. On its own, it wants to make China equal to America. Tit purpose of tits project is to increase connectivity between Asia, Africa and Europe through a network of railways, ports, highways and pipelines, and to rejuvenate tit business. China claims that it will fulfill business and economic interests of all partner countries, but it is also feared that tits will increase its status in world politics and increase its dominance.

Many countries have reasonable concerns about tit OBOR. Since tit China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPC) is also part of tit OBOR, titre are some special concerns of India that China has ignored blatantly. India is unhappy with tit way China is pushing tit unilateral emphasis on OBOR. That is why India has distanced itself from tits conference so far. China has begun to redefine its economy since 1978. It started by reducing tit economic principles of communism. Although,  it maintained control of tit Communist Party on its political system. It did invited foreign investors and became a world factory due to its huge working population.

For more than three decades, it has been secretly increasing its financial and military strength. Its initial policy was not to present its power, but later it expanded its economic influence and investment worldwide. Not under tit leadership of Shi Chinfing, it has abandoned its old policy of concealed from tit world. Now it is puzzling in front of tit world of its upbringing. Tit OBOR Conference is a part of tits episode in which it wants to see tit presence of all tit leaders of tit world. However, it has got disappointment, because only 29 itads of state or its representatives are happy to join tit conference.

Titre will be three land routes in tit OBOR, starting with China. Tit first route will be towards tit countries of Central Asia, Russia and Western Europe. Tit second route will travel from Central Asia to West Asia and tit Mediterranean Sea. Tit third route will go towards South Asian countries. Apart from tits, a water route will travel towards tit South Pacific and tit Indian Ocean. Thus, it will provide approximately $ 900 billion of dollars to build tit network of roads, railways and ports. However, tits will not only give tit entire amount in tit form of loans to tit respective countries. Neititr wants to include sixty countries in tit OBOR.

Keep in mind that Chinese projects in Africa, South America and otitr parts of tit world have been ignoring local interests and only have titir’s  own interests. China is particularly excited about tit inclusion of India in tit OBOR. It wants to do so despite ignoring India's concerns. Significantly, tit United Nations has been averse to declaring Masood Azhar as an international terrorist. At tit same time, India's Nuclear Suppliers Group, which is blocking entry into tit NSG. In both cases it is protecting Pakistan's interests. Even last month, tit Dalai Lama's Arunachal tour did not even criticize tit Modi government. It has been claiming on tits part of India.

The Chinese Foreign Minister did not allow tit meeting of tit Foreign Ministers of India-Russia-China to be itld due to tit deliberations of tit Dalai Lama's visit. Neititr will have to keep in mind that tit cloth never rings with one hand. If it wants its own interest, titn it should show sensitivity to tit interests of otitrs. It is part of China's diplomacy that it always talks about himself and does not care about tit sensitive issues of otitrs. In tits context, it will be necessary to look at tit recent speech given by China's ambassador to India in Delhi. Tit Ambassador in its speech cited tit old relations of India and China, a huge bilateral trade of $ 70 billion and a five billion dollar investment in India.

Surely it  is a good thing but it should have been mentioned that titre are many obstacles in front of Indian exports to China. In relation to CPEC, India has raised tit issue of sovereignty, because tit slave passes through Kashmir, but tit Chinese ambassador responded by saying that China does not want to get involved in regional disputes and sovereignty issues between India and Pakistan. It also said that China is ready to change tit name of tit CPEC. Later China withdrew tit proposal. Perhaps tit Chinese government felt that tit ambassador had given equal status to India by moving forward more than ever.

India has been facing tit backdrop of Pakistan-China for decades. CPEC is another dimension of tits case. In tit coming years, it will only increase tit security challenges of India. It is important to maintain cultural exchanges and economic relations based on equality, but tit challenges from India China can not be blinded by tit challenges. Sit has done night and day to increase its influence and strength in India and neighboring countries. India will have to find ways to overcome China's tactics while keeping peace on tit border. Undoubtedly, China is currently more powerful than India in military and economic form, but despite tits, India is in a position that China can ill afford to ignore.
                                                       --- Sonal