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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Case Like Nirbhaya in Rohtak

Rohtak: The woman whose body was found on May 11 in an empty plot of Industrial Model Township, was kidnapped on May 9 from Sonipat. In the initial investigation, it has been found that he was gangraped, then was brutally murdered. In the post-mortem, it has been found that a slab or a sharp object was inserted in the woman's private part. The accused Sumit and his friend Vikas have been arrested with the unlawful native pistol. 

According to Sumit, he loved the woman. The woman's mother says that he was pressurizing her daughter to marry, but the daughter refused. The accused was pressurising the divorced woman.

According to Sonepat SP Ajay Malik, the woman's age was 23 years. She was divorced and living in a maternal aunt. He used to work in a pharmaceutical factory. The woman was in a contact with Sumit for some time.

Investigation Officer (Io) Prem of the case told that on the morning of 9th May, the woman came out of the house to go on duty. It is alleged that Sumit kidnapped her on the way. His friend, who is from UP, was also friends with him. On the way, a drug was given to the woman, then Sumit and Vikas raped her in a moving car. Later, Sumit brought her in Rohtak to Parsvanath Colony behind IMT. Here, Sumit accused the woman about having relationships with someone else. Then There quarrel cropped up over  this matter. Subsequently, under the planning, Sumit crushed his head with bricks and stones with the help of Vikas and brutally murdered the girl. They both escaped after committing the crime.

The Rohtak Police got the body of the woman on May 11. Her body was deformed by the dogs and hence it was not easy to identify her.During the checking of Missing Person, she was identified as a resident of Sonepat.

Threatened a week ago: Mother's mother

The victim’s mother told that her daughter had been married a year ago, but divorced after a few days. Sumit was after her daughter for the past few months. He was pressurizing her to marry; but she would refuse. They complained to the police, but no action was taken. A few days ago, Sumit came to his house with friends and beat up his daughter. She was also threatened.
Uterus not found, the Scalp Crushed

Dr SK Dhattarwal, head of the forensic medicine department of PGIMS, said that there is no doubt that the drug was administered to the girl to make her senseless and then she was gangraped. The sample has been sent for forensic examination. Victim's head has been brutally crushed and Sharia or some sharp pointed thing is inserted in her private part.
                                                        ----Ashish Jha

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