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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bombing during a musical concert in the city of Manchester, UK, gets panic

There are reports of 19 deaths in twin bomb blasts during a musical concert in the city of Manchester, UK. More than 50 people are reported as injured. The British Police is treating the incident as the terrorist attack. After the blast, the entire Manchester city has been besieged.

Explosion during Concert

These blasts took place at the concert of the famous pop singer Arena Grande in the Manchester Arena. The concert was going on Monday night. According to the police, at 10.35 pm they received a call of explosions. People came in large numbers to join the concert. In the meantime, the shriek of the blasts was heard there. After which the entire area was filled with chaos. Shortly after the blast, Arena was evacuated. After the blast, the movement of trains from Manchester Victoria station was stopped. It is being told that the blast arena is near the ticket window.

Manchester Police’s  Statement

"The emergency services are active after the news of the blast in Manchester Arena," the statement released by Manchester Police after the blasts said. Many people have been confirmed dead while many others have been injured.

Suicide bomber’s hand?

According to the UK media, suicide bombers can be behind the blast. Manchester Police also claimed to have disabled a bomb in the city's Cathedral Garden. It is being said that one more live bomb was also found from Manchester Arena.
British Prime Minister Tharessa has condemned the attack. She said that this attack is one of the most dastardly incidences in the history of humanity.

Catastrophe Everywhere

A 22-year-old eyewitness told the BBC, "Everyone screamed and ran away. People were lying on the floor and phone floors. People were leaving everything and running away. Some people were shouting that they had seen blood while others were saying that this was just the sound of the balloon bursts or some speaker was torn apart. Britain has been the victim of terror attacks several times before. However, the reason for this blast is yet to be confirmed.

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