Will North Korea Go Nuclear?

The tension between USA and North Korea is increasing day by day.
The Trump Administration says it will tighten financial sanctions against Pyongyang, and Kim Jong will activate the missile defense system with the aim of curbing its nuclear weapons programs and ballistic missile tests.
North Korea has decided to conduct further missile and nuclear tests.
This situation has raised many questions.

What will be the effect of stopping economic sanctions on North Korea?

Although there are wide restrictions against North Korea but they are not implemented effectively. A recent study by the United Nations found that parts of North Korea's missile tests revealed that its electronic source is connected to China's industry.

Therefore, China can do a lot to enforce the special restrictions of the missile, as well as to make economic pressure on Korea.The problem of Beijing is that they do not want the collapse of North Korea rule. But the rule of existing restrictions can be very difficult and many additional financial steps can be taken to make North Korea's life even more difficult.
The problem is that with a detailed restriction there may be a famine in North Korea, no one would want to see North Korea in this condition.

North Korea and China have proposed that the program of Pyongyang nuclear development could potentially end if the US stopped the activities threatening the country's territories. Why is not this being done?

For a long time, the purpose of the American policy is to stop North Korea's nuclear program, but it could not be possible and it seems that now the emphasis is on controlling it. There is no indication that it seems that North Korea has a desire to close its nuclear weapons.

China is eager to move forward in a diplomatic way, and its path is also there. For example, North Korea's nuclear weapon programs can be limited in exchange for different concessions. But this failed attempt has already been done.

What is the treaty of the countries of the Korea Peninsula?

What are the treaties around the Korean Peninsula, is anyone obliged to be involved and is there any response to it?
South Korea has long been a mutual defense treaty with the United States since 1953, and if it is threatened, then Washington will come for help.
In South Korea, 28,500 American soldiers and warships are regularly stationed in the country.
There is also a treaty in 1961 for mutual aid and cooperation between China and North Korea, but there is talk about defense, but it is clear that if war happens then China will help North Korea.

What are the measures that North Korea has to avoid the US invasion?

If North Korea does a nuclear test then what will it do to prevent the attacks of America and its allies?
If North Korea goes to war, then its worst impact will be on South Korea, because South Korea's capital Seoul is in the range of weapons of North Korea.
Certainly North Korea could initially be ahead in the war, but it would be difficult to tie US technology and modern US military machines. North Korea will definitely end up completely. But along with it there will be a great destruction in South Korea.

What will be China's role in the war between America and North Korea?

If North Korea submerges the US ship and America retaliates, then what would be the role of China? Will it invoke a global nuclear war?
China is aware of this growing tension. It is in a difficult situation. He does not like the rule of Pyongyang and its unstable behavior. But it also does not want North Korea's rule to be removed because it will not be happy with the unified Korea tilted towards the United States. Apart from this, the decline of North Korea's rule can lead to millions of refugees in China.

If North Korea attacks, then what will be the impact on Europe?

If North Korea, South Korea and the United States attack nuclear attacks, what will it have on Europe?
North Korea does not possess any firearms to Europe. It is difficult to say how much the nuclear attack will have on the environment. It will depend on its scale and atmospheric conditions.

What do the North Korean people think?

What does the North Korean know about the US preparation for security against North Korea?
North Korea is a country where people know only what their government tells. This is a rule that can make missiles, and sometimes it is difficult to provide food to the people of their country.
North Korea is said to be surrounded by its enemies equipped with nuclear weapons, so the reaction of Pyongyang is to create such a high military capability by keeping such weapons for itself.

                                                            ----Ashish Jha