US shouuld Take on the Terrorist Groups without Pakistan

Washington. American experts say that while dealing with Pakistan, America should review its options. He told the American administration that if Pakistan continues to support terrorist groups attacking neighbors like India, then America should take a one-sided action on these terrorist hideouts itself. America should cut off funding to PAK.

Sath Jie Jones, director of RAND Corporation, International Security and Defense Policy Center, said in a statement before the Foreign Affairs Committee, "Congress has cut down military aid to Pakistan during the last few years. It has also truncated the foreign military finance to Pakistan.
- "But, despite this deduction, the US should also cut the aid given to Pakistan, the economic sanctions should be implemented against special organizations and people, and the United States should take similar steps to other countries.”
PAK should not allow its soil for Terrorist Groups
- Jones said, "America should review relations with Pakistan. It should  crack down on Taliban hideouts, with or without the help of Pakistan. US should forge a good tie with Pakistan if and only if the later severs its ties with the terrorist groups that target the neighbouring India and Afghanistan. Achieving favourable result is very important for the US.
No Let up in the Behaviour of Paksitan in a Decade
- Senior Fellow in Center for 21st Century and Intelligence in the Foreign Policy Program, Wanda Felbab Browne said, "Pakistan's inability to stop supporting the Taliban clearly shows its inherent and internal limits. The decade is passing, but Pakistan's Military Intelligence is still upset about the progress of India. At a time when Pakistan itself is facing obstruction and terrorism "

PAK is afraid of India's Diplomatic Fencing

- Brown said, "fearing the siege of India, Pakistan is refusing to eliminate the Afghan militant groups who use their land as hideouts. Despite the pressure from UN and NATO, Pakistan is supporting these groups. It shows that Pakistan's Military Intelligence believes that the friendly country of India on the western border to deal with any threat from Afghanistan The Jehadi group is extremely important. "

                                                        ---Sushmita Jha