Tension with North Korea may Deepen: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has made a big statement about North Korea. Trump said on Thursday that tensions with North Korea can deepen on missile and nuclear testing issues. However, Trump also said that we would try to adopt a diplomatic approach on this issue.

Donald Trump said in an interview given to Reuters on his 100th day in the White Office that there is a great possibility that the ongoing dispute with North Korea can deepen deeply. Although Trump said that we will try to resolve this issue peacefully. Although given the current situation, it seems to be quite difficult.

Donald Trump praised the cooperation of Chinese Prime Minister Shi Jinping on the issue of North Korea. Trump said that he is a good man; he is constantly trying to create a war situation.

Let us know that the Donald Trump Administration on Wednesday described North Korea as a deadly country for safety. He said that he would try to put economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea. According to US officials, using the army will always be an option.

Significantly, the issue of North Korea has increased over the last few days, Donald Trump also informed the US Senate on the issue.

                                      ---Ashish Jha