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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sister Arpita Angry with Salman?

Everyone knows that Salman Khan wants his beloved sister Arpita more than her life and is ready to do anything for her happiness, but despite this, this lovely sister of Salman has been living with her brother for some time now. Angry are going on. Well, the reason for the sister's displeasure is not even wrong. Actually, the image of Salman's Jija Ayush Sharma and his personality does not seem to be less than any of the Bollywood's heroes. This is the reason that soon after marriage with Arpita, many filmmakers had started planning to make a film about Aishush.

Hears that after three months of marriage, Aishwarya, a known film production company, had also applied for lead role in her next film, but then Ayush had avoided him. In the meantime, Salman had also advised AYUSH to learn techniques related to film making, along with acting, after which, during the shooting of 'Bajrangi Bhaijan', Aishush often used to go to the film set and learns the technique behind the camera from director Kabir Khan. Were. After the success of 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan', when Arpita reminded her of her promise to the brother, Salman talked about starting the film with Aishush, but later on Salman Khan, in his work and court proceedings, The sister did not have the time to complete the promise.

At the end of last year, when Arpita reminded the brother once again of his promise, Salman once again joined Ayush with the production unit of Kabir Khan's film "Tuliite". Now, even when 'Tubalite' has been completed, Arpita wants her brother to have her brother-in-law to start soon after another film under the banner of her production house, but Salman is more serious about this now. Are not visible. It is reported that for the past few years, AYUSH has also received offers of new films, but in order to start his career with Salman, AYUSH is not signing any project right now. That is why Arpita's displeasure is rising on brother.
                                                                         -----Sushmita Jha

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