Repeat of 9/11 attack? High alert in Mumbai, Chennai

Are terrorists in the US to repeat the 9/11 incident like this? After getting some similar information to intelligence agencies, tremendous security is being seen at Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai airports. Meanwhile, a foreign national has been arrested with a satellite phone at Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun.

Tight Security 

On Sunday morning, there were some instances of security agencies on the three airports of the cities that had been away from the usual days. Security in Chennai airport has been increased seven times. In Mumbai and Hyderabad, deployment of security forces has been increased and special squad squad has been summoned. CISF personnel are patrolling with arms at all three airports. In Chennai, guest entry has been banned in domestic and international airports. The seizure of the passengers is being searched.

What is the Conspiracy?

According to the sources, the intelligence agencies got information about the terrorists' hijack plan. According to the information, terrorists are in the vicinity to take possession of the plane together from Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. A team of 23 terrorists has been formed for this purpose. According to the news, the agencies e-mailed to a woman who had heard 6 boys talking about conspiracy. After receiving the news, the Airports Security Coordination Committee has held a meeting.
                                                                                         -----Ashish Jha