Ready for Nuclear Holocaust: North Korea

North Korea warned the United States on Saturday that it would respond to provocative actions in the region, otherwise it is ready for a nuclear attack. North Korea gave this warning on the occasion of 105th anniversary of its founder President Kim Il Sung. Sung was the grandfather of North Korea’s current leader Kim Jong.
North Korean dictator Kim Jong arrived in this huge military parade for the Western style suit. When he reached the venue, the soldiers standing there gave him salute and shouted, 'Long live'.

In this atmosphere of tension, North Korea has demonstrated this parade as an occasion to show its strength, especially for its submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM), in the parade, for the first time. At the same time, US officials are afraid that dictator can test sixth nuclear weapon on this occasion.

On the other hand, the second North Korean official has said that the country is ready to respond to any kind of nuclear strike emanating from America. Prior to the launch of the grand military parade, Cho Ryeong-O said that we are prepared for the battle and we are ready to respond to any nuclear attack in our own way.

Pyongyang is facing many UN sanctions due to nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Its ambition is to create a rocket capable of delivering arms to the American mainland. US President Donald Trump has resolved that this will not happen.

North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests so far. Two of these were conducted last year. Along with nuclear tests, this country has also launched several missiles. Last month three rockets fell into the watershed near Japan.

There is speculation that North Korea may conduct its sixth nuclear test in the days to come. White House officials say that military options are being assessed to deal with the Pyongyang administration. American President Trump has sent the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson along with a war group to the Korean Peninsula. Trump told the Fox Business Network, we are sending a naval fleet, which is very powerful. Kim is doing the wrong thing and making a big mistake.

On the other hand, North Korea's only big ally China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that the conflict could start at any moment. Both China and Russia have appealed for restraint.

                                                                  ----Ashish Jha