RAIL Run: Indian Railways will run the Country's Fastest Train on this Route

After starting the 160 km per hour rail service in Delhi-Agra Corridor, the goal of Railways is to increase the speed of trains by up to 200 km per hour on the Delhi-Chandigarh route, so that the time spent on travel could be reduced.

Delhi road is 245 kilometer long corridor which is one of the busiest routes in northern India. This route has been selected for the first semi-high speed (semi-high speed) project started by the Railways and it will be run on a maximum speed of 200 km per hour.

Railways have identified nine passenger corridors with high priority of 6,400 km, including Delhi-Agra, Delhi-Chandigarh route. They will be upgraded to run semi high speed train service. Delhi-Kanpur, Nagpur-Bilaspur, Mysore-Bangalore-Chennai, Mumbai-Goa, Mumbai-Ahmedabad, Chennai-Hyderabad and Nagpur-Sikkadabad routes have also been identified to increase the speed of passenger trains to 160-200 km per hour. 

French Railways SNCF will present the cost of the semi high-speed project along with the 245 km long Chandigarh route, the implementation model and the implementation strategy. A senior railway official associated with the project said that the French team could give their final report by October.
                                                              --Sushmita Jha

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