Preparation of 'last' war against Naxalites; Dobhal to take care of meeting

Jagdalpur: After the martyrdom of 25 CRPF personnel in the Maoist attack in Sukma, the government has decided to enter the den of the Naxalites and teach them a lesson that they will probably never forget.In this regard, a meeting of top state officials has been called on May 2, which will be addressed by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval through video conferencing. IG Vivekanand Sinha of Bastar division said, "A meeting of top officials has been called in capital Raipur on May 2 for counterattacking the Naxalites and for the new strategy. National security adviser Ajit Doval will also be present in this meeting through video conferencing.

It is said that the government has decided to create a strategic preparation to root out the menace of Naxalism . That is why Ajit Doval, who played a key role in the surgical strike, has been given the command to make a strategy. Bastar IG Sinha said on the phone from Bijapur, "The force deployed in Bastar has been removed from road construction and sent to the naxal areas. Force will not do the road opening now. It will only fight against the Maoists. The Force is continuously patrolling the inner areas. Operation Clean is being carried out on the strategy of making the area clean of any dirt of naxalism.

Sinha said, 'I am in Bijapur now. Internal Security Adviser Vijay Kumar has reached Bastar here. There is a meeting with the Force in the district headquarters with the DG Naxal Operation. Naxalites will be admitted in their own den and replied in a negative manner. IG Sinha said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the information of Bastar's latest situation from Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Chief Minister Raman Singh. 

The Prime Minister has instructed National Security Advisor to handle the Naxal problem. On the instructions of the PM, internal security adviser Vijay Kumar and the DG Naxal Operation DM Awasthi are camping in Bastar. At the same time, the central force and the state police force have been asked to curb the Maoist network in every situation by speeding up attacks on the Maoists and mutual coordination. It is important to note that Vijay Kumar played a key role in the killing of Chandan Taskar Veerappan.
Sinha said, "On 2 May, Ajit Doval will discuss video conferencing from New Delhi in the context of Naxalism from Bastar and top state officials, for which the mobilization of officers will be in the capital. 

In the conference, Bijar's IG, DIG, collector of all 7 districts, SP has been called in Raipur. In addition, the officers of the CRPF and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) will also be attending the meeting. Chief Minister Raman Singh has clarified that the talks with the Maoists will not be a direct fight. After the martyrdom of 25 soldiers, now the preparation is on full swing to make the land free of naxalites.

DM Awasthi is working on the strategy of attacking directly by increasing the morale of the Force with IG, DIG and SP, camping in Bastar. Even senior officials are preparing tactics while making Bastar, a center of special workforce. At the same time, the command of the STF will be handed over to the Central Security Force, in which the top officials of the state will be included.
                                                                         ----Ashish Jha