Pankaj Pahun: The Rising Singer of Mithila

Pankaj Pahun is not just another name in the world of Maithili Songs. He has rather revolutionized the way Maithili songs were hitherto sung. His husky voice, clear pronunciation, emphasis on particular words and the enthusiasm with which he sings a Maithili song is exquisite. In just few albums of his songs, he has been able to make his presence felt far and wide.

Born and brought up in Koilakh, unarguably the most prominent village of  Mithila, he is endowed with the divine voice. Though he had a penchant for singing Bollywood and Maithili song, but he never had any godfather. His father Mr Chandrakant Mishra(the villagers would call him Chander) was the most popular football player of his locality.

Today, he has so many offers to his credit. Not even a single month passes without any of his new song. He enjoys the patronage of good company and he prospers remarkably under the auspices of some of the great singers. Mr Pankaj is planning to make stage show in the months to come. All those Maithils who have heard him once, wait for his new album impatiently.
                                  ---Ashish Jha

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