Nuclear Holocaust:North Korea Speaks of Nuclear Test Every Week

The situation of nuclear war between North Korea and the US has caused global peace to endanger the situation. In the United States, North Korea's diplomat Kim In Rayong clearly stated that his country will conduct nuclear tests every week and if the US takes action to provoke it, then he will not hesitate to attack it at the same time. He directly attributed America to the situation of the nuclear war in the Korean Peninsula. He said that at any time a devastating nuclear war could spill.

At the same time, American Vice President Mike Pence said in a tone that if North Korea does not take the test of the patience of North American President Donald Trump, then it will be better. Indeed, America wants to close North Korea's nuclear and missile programs in every situation, but North Korea is not ready to retreat. In this case, the nuclear war between the two countries is being decided. According to experts, the US can change its international strategy against North Korea and attack it at any time. US Vice President Mike Pains warned North Korea not to conduct nuclear and missile tests.

Trump Warns North Korea 

U.S. President Donald Trump has warned that if China does not rein in North Korea's nuclear program, then America will take action alone. Trump had said in response to a question that China has a lot of influence on North Korea and either China will decide whether or not to help us with North Korea. If China decides to help us, it would be great for her and if she does not do it, then it will not be good for anyone.

Threats Emanating from US 

Kim In Ryong, North Korea's Deputy Ambassador said that if the US takes military action, then North Korea is ready for any kind of war. He said that the United States has created dangerous conditions in the world's largest hotspot Korean Peninsula. This is not the first time that the quarrel between North Korea and the US continues. Even before this, there have been several Jubani jungs between the US and North Korea. Not only that, North Korea, bypassing UN sanctions including the United States, tested last year's two atomic bombs and 24 ballistic missiles. Not only this, he also conducted several missile tests this year.

Ready to Wage War

Now North Korea is ready to wage  the war against  America. North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Han Song Rayol said that his country will test maximum missiles every week, every month and every year. He said that the act of provocation from the United States is a rivalry.

US Vice President Visits Civilian Territory

After North Korea's missile test, the US Vice President visited the civilian zone on Sunday between North Korea and South Korea. Earlier, the US had tried to intimidate North Korea by attacking Syrian missiles and dismantling its largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan, but North Korea is not ready to retreat at any cost. He has warned in the reverse that America should not forget to understand Syria, otherwise it will have to suffer from it.

                                                                 ----Ashish Jha