North Korea Test fires Ballistic Missiles

America has warned North Korea of stern action. Since Donald Trump came into power in US, North Korea has done missile testing nine times so far. Pentagon has also confirmed the North Korea's missile test on Saturday. CNN told the US officials that North Korea launched the KN-17 ballistic missile capable of hitting medium-range from the mobile, which could not reach the Japan Sea.

U.S. Army's Pacific Command spokesman Dave Benham said the North Korean ballistic missile was launched Saturday at 10:33 p.m. However, no response has been received by North Korea on this. Between the growing tension with America, the ballistic missile test conducted by North Korea has raised the global concern.

According to the South Korean army chief, the missile was launched from a test site in Pyongan province, north of Pyongyong, north of the capital on Saturday. Earlier, North Korea tested a missile about 12 days ago. He also threatened in the UN that he would be conducting missile tests every week. At the same time, the White House reported that information about North Korea's missile test has been given to American President Donald Trump.

North Korea insulted China: Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that North Korea insulted China by testing missile. This is very bad. Actually, China had asked North Korea to stop the missile test and nuclear program. In such a situation, Trump is trying to bring China in its favor. His statement is believed to be proving against China against North Korea.

North Korea's Missile Test Failed

US government sources say North Korea's missile test has failed. At the current time in the Korean Peninsular, the United States can take military action against North Korea's move in deeper tension. American President Donald Trump has also warned in the open words that treating the world's cancerous eunuch dictator Kim Jong, who is cancerous for the world, is essential.

US Military Action

These words can not be taken lightly by the president of the world's most powerful country. Trump has also cleared that there will be fierce conflicts with North Korea. In addition, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has also said that the United States wants to take military action against North Korea. In such a situation, North Korea can take military action against North Korea's missile test. At the same time, North Korea has warned of a nuclear attack on America.
                                                   ----Sonal Sharma