NASA claims: Alien Exists in the Universe

American Space Agency NASA has claimed that aliens may exist in the Earth's own universe. NASA claims that there may be life there after the water found on Saturn's sixth largest 'Nonsdale' water and hydrogen chemicals found in it. NASA's Cassini Inspiration has discovered a sea of ​​water on Enceladus.

On examination, it was found that 98 percent of the water was in it. In addition to hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane, the remaining two percent have been found to contain organic marks that indicate the possibility of life there.

In a statement, Hunter Wet of the Southwest Research Institute of San Antonio, who inspected water found on Ensields, said that here is the source of energy used by micro-organisms. We just did not get the phosphorus and sulfur here too, perhaps because they were in very small quantities. However, the search is still on.

The existence of bacteria is possible
NASA scientists believe that the presence of bacteria on the surface of the sea found on Enceladus is possible. Scientists Linda Spilcker said that we have not found evidence of the existence of organisms here. However almost everything necessary for life is present here. Although he said, the confirmation of chemical energy for life on one moon of Saturn is a big milestone in our quest for another world.

Equal to 15 percent of moon

The size of the anceldus is quite small. It's just as big as only 15 percent of Earth's Moon. Andrew Cotes, professor of physics at the University College London said that in our universe, the planets that are likely to live on Earth outside of Mars are now joined by Enceladus after Mars and Europa.
                                                      ----Ranjana Jha

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