Modi Launches 'Father of Credit Card'

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the system of Bhima payment related to the base in Nagpur, being called as the father of credit card and debit card. Through this, any person can transfer money from his account only by placing a thumb. i.e. to become part of Cashless Digital India, now neither the mobile phone nor the internet nor debit and credit card is needed.

The Bhim App launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 30 has already become very popular and crores of people are using it. After joining the base-based payment, it is believed that there will be four-fold progress in the day. Now the government is giving cashback and bonuses to download Bhima app and to refer it to others.

Let us tell you about those specialties due to which Bhima is proving to be the father of all e-Wallet, Paytm and Debit credit cards: -

1. BHIM, i.e.,  Bharat Interface For Money, runs the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) of the Government of India. That is, because of the Indian Government's app, you can trust it completely. The biggest feature of Bhima App is its simple Only 2 MB of this app can be downloaded to Android or iPhone within a few seconds. This app is designed in such a way that the first time the person who used it can easily understand it. The only requirement for using Bhima App is that your bank account is connected to your mobile number. At present Bhima App can be linked with only one bank account.

2. In order to activate it for the first time after downloading the Bhima app from Google Play Store, it is important that you have your debit card. After downloading the app, you have to make a password containing 4 digit numbers. After that, some information on the debit card has to be entered. Bhima App can be used in all Indian languages ​​in addition to  Hindi and English. One has to make another password for money transactions. This password should also be of four digits but it must be separated from the password to open the app. That is, Bhima App has two passwords for complete security. The first password to open the Bhima app and another password will to make money transactions. That is, if you add the password created to lock the mobile phone, then there is a three layer protection in the Bhima app.

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3. To transact Bhima App, you do not have to tell anyone your name, your bank, and even your bank account number. Money transactions can be done in 24 hours and on holidays anytime. Money transactions are absolutely free through Bhima App.

4. After activating Bhima App, your email address becomes like an email. Generally this phone number is @Upi like 9839098390 @ upi. If you want, you can change it and create your own UPI address. To transact through any Bhima App, it is necessary to tell only this address that is linked to your bank account. If you want to send money through Bhima App and the other person has also activated the Bhima app, you can verify only after entering his phone number. When the person's name comes in the phone number within the Bhima app, it means that he has activated the Bhima app.

5. Now the government has added the base with Bhima. That is, if a person has not started his Bhima app but his Aadhaar card is associated with his bank account, then you can add a base number and send money to him. Due to the subsidy of gas linked to the bank account, most people have now got their base linked to the bank.

6. The second e-wallet also differs from the fact that you do not need to put money in a paycheck beforehand to spend it here. Whenever you spend money, it comes out directly from your bank account and goes to another person's bank account. You do not get any interest on the money you put in e-valet like paytm. But because money from Bhima goes directly to your bank account, hence you get interest on whatever money comes in your bank account.

7. You can also create QR codes through Bhim App. The shopkeeper can stick to his shop by removing the print out. The person who is required to pay can scan this QR code directly and make payment immediately.

8. Apart from sending money to anyone through Bhima App, you can also ask for money from anyone. The request for money asked goes to the Bhima app of that person and if the person enters his password and he okay, then the money can come to your account immediately. Like many friends, if there is a party together, then one person can make a payment there and demand the payment of his own share from the others through Bhima Bhima.

9. Once someone is registered in Bhim, then payment can be done without internet. Even the smartphone is not needed. By dialing * 99 # for this, all the options will come automatically.

10. Following the inauguration of the payment system, Modi has not given the money to the shopkeeper, it is not necessary for the customer to have a Bhima app. If his Aadhaar number is connected to his bank account, then the customer can make payment to the shopkeeper by placing his thumb. For whom the shopkeeper will keep a biometric machine from him, in which thumb impression.
                                             ---Ashish Jha