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Friday, April 14, 2017

MOAB Attack: 36 ISIS Terrorists Killed in Afghanista, Including one Indian

In the attack of the American MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) bomb in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, there are reports that 36 terrorists getting killed in the attack. These include a terrorist of Indian origin. A family in Kerala has claimed that his son Murshid was killed in this attack.
Hundreds of terrorists were taking training in the ISS hideouts in Nagera, Afghanistan, in which some Indian youths are expected to join.
At the same time, a Kerala minister claimed that 18 Indian youths could be killed in this attack.

A news agency has said that about 21 young people of India were missing, in which one's family members claimed his death.
The news has been followed by intelligence agencies that about 21 youths have been affected by IS and have left the country to join the IS. Apart from the Indian youth, some Bangladeshi and Maldivian youths were taking the training of terror here.
It is estimated that a large number of tanks were killed on Thursday evening by the US-led GBU-43 bomb. Although, there is no any official figure about the killed terrorists yet.

But, American security officials believe that around 700 terrorists were training IS in the bombing where the bomb was dropped. While Afghanistan's intelligence agencies believe that around 1,500 people are involved in fundamentalist activities.
                                                                 ----Ashish Jha

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