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Monday, April 17, 2017

Mithila Mirror Inauguration Day: Bollywood Star Graces the Occasion

News Delhi: Mithila Mirror, the brainchild of Mr Lalit Narayan Jha came into existence on 10th August, 2013. This is arguably the most empowered Media for the Maithila on global level.The inauguration day of the new building of Mithila Mirror got the Blessings of Bollowood. On 16th April, the Bollywood Star Narendra Jha inaugurated the new building of Mithila Mirror. Apart from the owner of Mithila Mirror, there were a number of dignitaries and media persons present over there.

Right from the wee hours, there was so much activities in the vicinity of the premises of Mithila Mirror. Large number of people from almost all walks of life kept on coming and the enthusiasms was quite obvious on the faces of the invitees. Large number of women also turned up and graced the occasion. Given the influx of people any one could speculate the popularity quotient of Mithila Mirror.

The presence of Narendra Jha, one of the most talked about actors of Bollywood enthralled the gatherings. His baritone voice, style of speaking and demeanor make the audience sweep of their feet. His larger-than-life persona had already made the lover of Mithila Mirror thoroughly inquisitive to feel his presence, and when he actually came in the expression and mood of the people clearly suggested their reverence for the son of Mithila, Narendra Jha.

In the recent past Mithila Mirror has made its presence felt far and wide. It has now become the voice of Mithila, the organization that arguably best describes the ethos, culture and tradition of Mithila. Its commitment to do something substantial for the betterment of Mithila and Maithils and to add a new feather in the cultural tradition of Mithila has made it endeared to all.

                                                 -----Ashish Jha

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