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Monday, April 10, 2017

Metastasis, Angiogenesis and Treatment of Metastatic Cancer

The word metastasis is originated from a Greek work methistanai that means ‘to change’. Basically, metastasis is the name of a pathological process through which a disease, mainly cancer spreads from one organ of the body to the other. When a normal healthy cells undergoes progressive genetic transformation, it triggers cancerous stem cell having a malignant phenotype. These cells tend to multiply at abnormally high rate through the process of mitosis.
Resultantly, the number of cancer cells increases at the primary site and gives rise to abnormal mass of tissues. In clinical terms, this mass of abnormal tissues is known as primary tumour.
There are two types of tumours—malignant tumours and benign tumours. Though benign tumours are harmless, it is the malignant tumour that has the capacity to get spread from one organ to the other. Tumours having metastatic origin is a common syndrome, especially in the later phases of cancer, when it starts spreading to the different organs of the body.
Presence of network of blood capillaries triggers the growth and development of a metastatic tumour. The process through which these blood vessels are formed is known as tumour angiogenesis. These blood vessels supply oxygen and other nutrients essential for the survival of the tumour. The medicines available today for the treatment of cancer are actually the angiogenesis inhibitors that restrict the spread of metastasis in the body and prolongs its development to some extent.
Treatment for Metastatic Cancer 
In order to contain metastasized cancer, there are a number of modes of treatment available these days. Some of these are chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy or biological therapy. The method of treatment basically depends upon the stage(at primary stage or advance), the type and location of the primary tumour, age and sex of the patient, and of course previous medical history.
The chances of prolonging the life of a patient are increased to a great extent if there is early detection of the cancerous tumour. Apart, the spread can also be prevented if the tumour is diagnosed at an early stage. Therefore, the most crucial thing in the treatment of the disease is the time when it is diagnosed.
Preventive Measures
Treatment apart, there are a number of preventive measures that should be taken to stay away from cancer. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and including at least half an hour exercise in daily regimen proves to be extremely beneficial for health point of view. The organs of the body become fit and healthy with exercises and diet food. Apart from these, a health-conscious person should avoid harmful substances, such as chewable tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol as they contain numerous carcinogens.
In a nutshell, health care should be the top priority.
                                                                                    ---Ashish Jha

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