Mallya Arrested and Freed Dramatically

Vijay Mallya, who remained in Britain for the past one year, was arrested in Britain on Tuesday. Mallya was arrested on the request of the Indian government for his extradition to the charges of fraud. Although Westminster Court granted him bail after  few hours. Mallya is accused of not paying a loan of Rs 9000 crore. In India, Mallya has been declared a 'defaulter' and he left the country on March 2 last year to avoid arrest.
The 61-year-old Mallya, who once called himself 'The King of Good Times' , was arrested on Tuesday morning and appeared in the Central London Police Station.

Scotland Yard said, 'The extradition unit of the Metropolitan Police arrested a person on an extradition warrant in the morning today (Tuesday, April 18). Vijay Mallya was arrested on behalf of the Indian officials in connection with the allegations of cheating. '

Mallya,  present at Central London Police Station Metropolitan Police said that he was arrested and was appeared in the Central London Police Station.
He appeared in Westminster Magistrate Court in London and after a few hours he was seen coming out with his legal team after getting bail.
A member of the team of Mallya said in court without giving any details of the bail conditions, 'It was a voluntary action. He will come out in a few minutes. '

Mallya wielded the media

After getting the bail, the liquor trader said, 'Generally it is a sensation spreading by the Indian media. Extradition hearings in court began on Tuesday '
Mallya's passive Kingfisher Airlines has liability for more than nine thousand crores of different banks. He ran from India on March 2, 2016 and reached Britain. In January an Indian court ordered a group of banks to begin the process of collection of debt.

 Successes of Indian Efforts

Senior Indian officials said that his arrest was the first success in the case, now in the UK it will be a legal process to decide if Mallya can be extradited to face charges in Indian courts.

Mallya's arrest happened after weeks of the sign given by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in which he had said that during his visit to UK, the issue of extradition of Mallya will include the issue.

India had formally requested for extradition of Mallya through a 'note verbale' on February 8, in line with an extradition treaty with Britain. New Delhi had given the insistence that he had a 'justified' case against Mallya. It had mentioned that if extradition inspection is respected, then it will display Britain's 'sensitivity' towards 'our concerns'.

Extradition process

Last month, the British government had certified the request of India in relation to Mallya's extradition process and sent it to a district judge for further action.
The process of extradition from Britain involves several steps including issuing arrest warrants by the judge. In the case of a warrant, the person is arrested and brought to court for initial hearing. Then there is an extradition hearing before the External Affairs Minister makes a final decision. The desired person has the right to appeal to the Supreme Court against any decision in the higher courts.

Earlier this year, a CBI court had issued non-bailable warrants against Mallya in the default IDBI Bank loan case of Rs 720 crore.

                                                       ------Ashish Jha